Renault Duster 2013: A New Version, A New Success Story

Renault Duster is preparing itself for a makeover to counter-attack the challenges posed by the latest models of rival brands. It is an interesting piece of news given the kind of success enjoyed by the current Duster models. We can expect nothing less than a series of changes to compete both on the technical and performance levels. The vehicle has already been a hit on the Indian roads. It has proved its muscle on several occasions. The latest round of news suggests that the French automaker has no intentions of losing its loyal customer base to another brand which offers technically-advanced features at more or less the same price. It is highly anticipated that the new model would be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year. The spy Renault Duster pictures (courtesy of AutoEvolution) have made it quite clear as to what sort of changes to be expected in the upcoming model(s). The company did everything possible to hide the identity and nature of changes made to the new model before putting it on the road for a test drive. The pictures have left little to the imagination of readers when it comes to differentiating between the existing and yet-to-be-launched model(s).

Renault Duster

Renault is looking to turn Duster into a one favourite vehicle of all ages. The automaker has changed the built quality to a more robust form. The company engineers have designed the multimedia system keeping the latest trends and usability aspect in mind. They wanted it to be one of the shining jewels of the new model. This is one aspect where the company has been caught off guard in the past. It would also include features like parking sensors etc. Renault cars have become hugely popular for its attractive pricing and unparalleled quality features. The new model would spot elegant headlights, stylish grille, classic bumpers and tail lights. The cruise control feature would put it far ahead in the competition. The engine in the new model would be same as the existing one. To put the performance of the existing model combined with Renault Duster features of the new model, it makes for one crazy ride. We need to wait for the Renault Duster prices to be made official by the company, once it is launched. Duster has already been credited with bringing a refreshing approach to SUVs in the country. You can expect the legacy to be continued with the new model.

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